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Tire Change

flat tire changes and repairs service

All tires will require changing at some point in time, however, some will need changing sooner than others due to unforeseen reasons such as driving over a nail in the road. Fingers crossed that this does not happen to you but the statistics show that it is very possible. If this were to happen to you and you had the knowhow and tools required you could change your tire yourself. If not do not worry just gave your local tire change service a call and if you are in Ellicott City call us on the number above.

Common reasons why you would need to change a tire

Commonly you would need to change a tire when it has been punctured by the sharp object such as a piece of metal or glass. tires also need changing when the tread has worn out as driving with bald tires can become hazardous for yourself and others on the roads. Problems with the valve and treading water are other reasons that you may need to change the tire.

What will happen once you call us

Once you have made a good decision to call us, you will speak to one of our amazing customer service agents. They will gather some relevant information from you like your name location and a description of your vehicle before immediately dispatching a technician. The technician will arrive at your location in a timely manner as we aim to reach all of our customers within 30 minutes. They Will bring all of the required tools and equipment in order to safely change your tire. Providing no extra problems arise our technician should have your tires changed and you back on the road in around 30 minutes.

The Importance of checking tires

Tires are a very important feature for all vehicles as they support the vehicle's load and absorbs road shocks while maintaining speed and direction. We recommend every vehicle owner that they should assess the health of their tires at regular intervals. Even more, regular checks should be made to ensure that the vehicle's tire pressure are to the desired level. Failure to drive with the correct tire pressure may cause fuel consumption to increase and the mobility of the vehicle to decrease. When checking the health of your tires you should look out for the condition of the tread. Tread is the rubber that gives your vehicle traction while driving and over time it will wear out.

Call us anytime

Here at Ellicott City Towing Service we value all our customers and are eager to help everyone. We have a team of customer service agents awaiting your call, they operate 24 hours a day seven days a week. Our technicians are qualified all have a tow truck equipped with state of the art equipment. Meaning we are ready to take care of any roadside issues that you may have. From punctured tires to being stuck in the mud, whatever your problem just give us a call, you will be pleased that you did.