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Jump Starts

car battery jumpstart service

A jump start is a process that is commonly used around the world to restart a vehicle when the battery has died. The dead battery is hooked up to a charged battery from another vehicle, using a set of jumper cables and crocodile clips. This will provide the dead battery with enough power to start the engine. Once done your battery will regain and hold its charge so you can carry on with your day, with only a minor disruption.

Why do I need a jump start?

If, when you try to start your vehicle and nothing happens then you may have a dead battery. Similarly, if your engine cranks when you turn the key in the ignition without the engine starting, then the chances are that you have a dead battery also, as the engine will not start if the battery is dead. The best most effective way to get enough charged into a dead battery for the engine to start is to use a method called a jump start.

Can I jump-start my vehicle myself?

Yes, an individual is more than capable of jump-starting their own vehicle with the assistance of another vehicle with a charged battery. To do so successfully you will also need some jumper cables and some crocodile clips. If you most do so we advise that you seek someone to help you. It is important that this is done correctly as failure to do so can fry both vehicle's batteries fuses and electronics.

Things not to do when jump-starting your vehicle

If you ever need a jump start in Ellicott City we highly recommend that you call us here at Ellicott City Towing Service on the number above. Other people nationwide should call their local jump starting service for assistance. If you must attempt to do so yourself please ensure that you do not do any of the following as failure to do so may cause further damage or an accident: Be sure to check that the batteries are not compromised before attaching any cables checking for any cracks or fluid leaking out. Do not lean over the batteries in both cars, keep an arm's length, and do not smoke.

Reasons why you should call a professional

We advise calling us as all of our technicians are highly trained with a lot of experience in jump starting vehicles. We have been jump-starting the residents of Ellicott Citys vehicles for many years now. All of our technicians will follow our company protocols when jumpstarting, this will include but is not limited to carrying out all pre-checks and connecting the cables in the right exact order. We take health and safety, and the wellbeing of our staff and customers very very seriously. So rest assured you are in good hands with us. Before our technician leaves they will verify that your battery is charged and that your engine can now start, leaving you to carry on with your day. Call us on the number above or you can fill in the contact form on our website and we will get back to you as soon as possible.